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Anyone else had their vehicle immobilized during install?

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I was installing the fort-1 in my 2011 escape and it went ok until key decryption. I updated firmware, set options and plugged it all in with the T-Harness. The evo-all would flash about 18 times with all 3 lights but then wouldn't go solid green or turn red (unless plugged into the flashlink updater) and the car would still start with the key. I connected the green and white wire to a ground and the car dinged it's standard 3note ding, and now car wouldn't start at all even after I took all the fortin wiring out. All the lights still work, and the fab will lock or unlock, but I can't move the car and it doesn't respond to the key being inserted, the dash doesn't light up when turned on, and it doesn't start (I can't even shift into neutral to move it!).... I looked up related fuses and they were fine, then checked the other fuses until my fingers about froze and they all looked good. Please help. This has been frustrating and my landlord might not like my car where it is stuck for long...

asked Dec 24, 2018 in Ford by ANDREW HART (130 points)

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Yes 2017 Ford Expedition waiting on tow truck to carry to dealership. Installed fort4 eco all unit failed to program reverted back to factory standard and won’t start now. Look for the ignition switch fuse mine was blown and I didn’t have any response with the key until I replaced it. Should be in the fuse box under your dash.
answered Dec 24, 2018 by Gary Fowler (480 points)
Did replacing the fuse solve the problem or did it have to go to the dealer for repair?