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Anyone successfully done a 2007 Grand Prix with an Evo one?

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Wondering if anyone has done a 2004-2008 Grand Prix with an EVO ONE. If so which firmware? I know that it relies on the J1850 but I am unsure of which firmware would make that work properly and the programming for said creature......
asked Dec 16, 2018 in Pontiac by Joshua Halsey (630 points)

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it does not look like it supports the vehicle it would be more economical to use a pats-gm and a basic remote starter
answered Dec 16, 2018 by trevor gorniak (1,700 points)
Yes I am aware that they don't boast a solution for that vehicle for an evo one. However, they don't support other vehicles that I have posed questions for and have gotten firmware solutions for those vehicles. The 99-05 Grand am sports the same immobilizer along with many other GM vehicles. Just trying to see if anyone has tried to do it with those firmware verisons.70.18- 70.21 is the firmware I am checking for.