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Installed EVO-ONE with THAR-ONE-MAZ3 following Guide 68261 on a 2018 CX-5 automatic. All options left default except those specified in the install guide (set C1, set D2, and function 38 mode 2.) Remote start works, however, when I get in the car and drive off, cruise control will not set. I can enable cruise control mode but it will not set. If I start the car normally, however, the cruise control works as expected. So it is only after a remote start that the cruise control will not engage.

closed with the note: solution = door open shut down
asked Dec 12, 2018 in Mazda by Radoslaw Patora (650 points)
closed Aug 30, 2019 by Robb

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If the vehicle is equiped with adaptative cruise control, you must enable option to shut down engine when door is open to fix this issue.
answered Dec 13, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (58,530 points)
Any update or "fix" for this?  This is a deal-breaker...
The fix is to do like all other remote starters on these cars, including the oem, and have it shut down on door open.