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Car shuts off when I press the brake PLEASE HELP

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Installed the unit, was simple however for some reason after I start the car with the remote, I unlock with the remote, press the brake to put it into gear and it shuts off, I have to then restart the car. Im not trying to kill the starter, anyone have any advise?
asked Dec 6, 2018 in Infiniti by ehab basha (210 points)

4 Answers

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Can you provide any details of the remote start make/model, what bypass model, what installation you are doing, and what make and model the car is?
answered Dec 7, 2018 by Micheal Unger (2,140 points)
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Door must be closed when remote starting, press unlock, open door, close door, press brake.
answered Dec 7, 2018 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (59,420 points)
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Does your car have push to start? For my install to takeover all I have to do is push the start button then press the brake and put it in gear. If I push the brake only without pushing the start button the engine will shut off. So try and push the button first. Hope this helps!
answered Dec 8, 2018 by Matthew Padilla (150 points)
Try locking doors ( all doors must be closed). Then auto start with the 3x lock. Once car is on unlock with remote or button. After that the car will know it’s u and not someone else. Works for me every time. Hope this helps.
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Hey, I'm having the same issue with my Honda. Did you ever find a solution?
answered Aug 20 by stefan jones (150 points)