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evo-all not programming on 08 Dodge Grand Caravan

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I have a 2008 Dodge Gand Caravan SE and I am following the guide #5131

Most of the wires are connected to from the remote starter to the evo-all. (Without Data Link)

wires that are not connected to the evo-all are:

Pink/black-hood status (not connected, remote starter hood status wire and switch connected directly to vehicle hood, vehicle does not have a factory hood switch)

orange/black- sliding door right (not equipped on vehicle)

orange- sliding door left ( not equipped)

white- trunk status ( not available on remote starter)

Everything else is connected!

I got the wiring colors from, and the Can High wire has different colors compared to the guide?

I followed the fortin guide NOT the

starter wire red/blue (evo-all) connected to purple (starter output-starter side) thicker guage wire from my remote starter wire.

ignition-yellow wire (evo-all), Comm2-yellow/red (evo-all) connected to remote starter ignition 1 wire (thick guage wire) connected to cut wire red/white vehicle side immobilizer connecter.

grey/black-Can 2 Low (evo-all) connect to white/light blue vehicle immobilizer wiring harness

grey-Can 2 High (evo-all) connected to white/grey vehicle immobilizer wiring harness

Yellow/blue-NO2 (evo-all) connected to light blue/ red of the vehicle immobilizer harness

yellow/green NC2 (evo-all) connected to cut wire connector side of vehicle immobilizer harness


I followed the programming procedures in the guide, the blue led does not flash after step 3 ( IGN ON RUN)

the blue led just turns off .

when I proceed with step 4 (IGN OFF) blue led turns turns back on like in step 1.

i have tried to remote start, the remote starter works and hear its internal relays, with confirmaton on remote key fob.

Vehicle does not start? I do not know if the Evo-All is programmed or not?


hardware Vr. 6

firmware Vr. 4.18


how many tries do I get to program the evo-all for the immobilizer on the vehicle?

do I need to buy the flash link updater, ot reflash the evo-all?

please help!
asked Sep 30, 2018 in Dodge by Myyuralov (130 points)
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Does the blue led flash on the evo when you press the lock button on the remote?
answered Sep 30, 2018 by Mike M (9,760 points)
What do the lights on the evo do when you try to remote start?
It just turns off. The same as if I put the key fob in the ignition and turn it to run and on position.
If the key turned on to ignition the yellow light doesn't come on?
No, nothing!

no lights flash or ON, with the evo-all.
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You do not have the correct firmware loaded into the module.


Please update the module to the recommended version when you plug it into the flash link updater.
answered Oct 1, 2018 by Derek (186,810 points)
What version firmware is to be updated for my vehicle?

Please update the module to the recommended version when you plug it into the flash link updater.


The flash link program will recommend the correct version when you plug it into the computer. 

just updated the evoall with the flashlink manager.

firmware is now updated to 74.37, hardware Version 6.0

plugged everything back to the vehicle, program procedure is still the same.

blue LED turns off after turning the ignition key to the ON position.

then the blue LED turns back on when Ignition key is on the OFF position.

no flashing blue LED????

tried to remote start the vehicle, parking lights turn on, gauges on the dask light up, but no lights such as engine light,brake light, and all the other lights that should turn on before starting the vehicle.

I believe the evoall is still not programmed and maybe my CAN wires might be reversed since it suggested it in the fortin troubleshooting guide here on the website?

but I followed the Guide installation and color coded wiring?

what do you think I should check next? Please help?