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2011 Golf EVO-ONE w/Drone DR-5400 Lock/Unlock issue

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Hello! Finally got my EVO-ONE and Drone working on my 2011 Golf manual TDI. I can get the Drone to start and stop the vehicle. I even got it to open the hatch.


However it wont lock or unlock the doors. If I hit unlock it seems to engage the ingition for a split second(gauge cluster and radio lights up) then turns off, and then the yellow light comes on. If I hit unlock again it does the same thing and then the yellow light will turn off.(The blue light does not flash at all.) If I hit lock the blue light will flash extremly quickly once but nothing else happens.

I don't want to have to keep flashing the unit and hit the flash limit because I can't change options when loaded on 0.50 RS firmware.
closed with the note: Flashed firmware to the states version in the install guide and it works properly.
asked Sep 17, 2018 in Volkswagen by Brandon Cleary (1,250 points)
closed Oct 12, 2018 by Brandon Cleary