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2018 Subaru Impreza Key start - Evo-one w/T-harness instruction about IMO wire.

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THAR-ONE-SUB THARNESS INSTALLATION guide (Guide #64451) Rev20170427.

Page 3

"IMO wire On the green 20 pin connector"

RED/WHITE wire is not present on this vehicle.

Is there an updated instruction guide?



Update: 07/14/2018

I just found the IMO wire.  It is the White/Lt.Blue wire on the 20 pin grey connector, on the back of the fuse box. lists it as the "Body Integrated Unit, connector Q, 20 pin connector, pin 14, White/Lt. Blue"

This White/Lt.Blue wire is much easier to get to than the  "Red/White wire on the green 20 pin connector, on the Junction Connector" that is listed in the THAR-ONE-SUB1 THARNESS Installation guide, Rev. 20180627.

Maybe Fortin can update this Installation Guide to include a Note that says:

"if the Red/White Wire is not present on the Junction Connector, then use the White/Lt.Blue wire on the grey 20-pin connector on the back of the fuse box."

The installation was a success and the Remote works great.

asked Jul 13, 2018 in Subaru by Christopher Fennimore (190 points)
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Just wanted you to know I have sent a requiest to have this added into the guide.
answered Jul 26, 2018 by Derek (178,310 points)
Thanks Derek.   If you need pics, let me know.  The pic from is a little dark and does not show the connector very well..
Sure that would be great. Thank you.


You can send them to
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Hello. I have the same car and seems like we're doing the same setup with T-harness. I have used your suggestion and went straight to the white/blue wire on the grey connector. Everything setup, programmed, but car doesn't remote start when i press 3xLock.
answered May 2, 2019 by M B (490 points)