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evo-key programmed but wont remote start

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hi, i have a 2008 scion Tc (standard key) installed crimpestopper SP-402 with Evo-key module,using data link wire

i followed the exact guide connection 1 and program 1

evo key programmed properly but when remote starting it recieves command but no crank and the evo-key led stays solid red, i also tried hard wiring it and still same result.
asked Mar 16, 2018 in Scion by Edrice Iraola (980 points)

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If you ground the ground out yourself, then initiate remote start does the vehicle remote start and stay running?
answered Mar 19, 2018 by Derek (262,880 points)
selected Mar 19, 2018 by Derek
Yes I tried grounding out the ground wire and still nothing,red led will turn on and dash lights comes on but no crank,

what I notice is when I insert the key in the ignition barrel the red led would flash rapidly and stays solid.

i even flashed the evo key to the most resent i need to turn on anything in the options?thanks
No their are no options for an evo-key.


If you place the key next to the barell not in the barell does the vehicle remote start?
I lace the key next to ignition barrel still nothing,

After attemp of remote start no crank the dash lights stays on the only I can turn off the dash light is to un plug the remote starter itself.
Also when I start the car with the key and remove the key the car stays on till I press the brake pedal
If the remote starter cannot start the vehicle with the key next to the barell you have an issue with the remote starter wiring/configuration. I would start their first.


The remote starter must be able to remote start the vehicle with the key next to the barell.
Ok,I will check that,but I reset the evo key now when I try to program it  red led would flash 10x but would just stay solid and I’ve been trying to program it 5x steady and it’s doing the same thing
UPDATE:I got it working,I had one of my remote start wire tap into the ignition 2

so I removed it and tap it to starter 2 wire


thank you for all the help and patience,I really appreciate it
Glad you got it going!