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Mazda 3 2015 won't unlock with key once remote started

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My friend got an EVO one installed on her 2015 Mazda 3, she was upset that the car was always shutting down when she opened the door, so I bought a flash kit and upgrade her firmware and did all the configuration needed. Since I did, the car is now operating fine, but the door can't unlock when started remotly with the OEM or Starter remote. We neen to use the real key. I double check and everything is configured properly. When i use the starter remote I hear the relay clicked in the EVO but nothing happen, which is strange cause the car use to unlock before.

another thing that is weird is that when I plugged the EVO on the flash the first time, the software was indicating that the module was programmed for an Acura RDX 2013 ?? I change it to Mazda 3 of course.

The module is : Service number 002B02 034639 preload date 48-2015, hardware rev 2.

Thanks !
Service Number : 002B02 034639
asked Jan 29, 2018 in Mazda by Eric Morissette (170 points)
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What I need to know is what installation guide was followed, as this will determine wether you can get the take over/oem remote functionality.
answered Jan 29, 2018 by Derek (124,560 points)
Regular installation with one key programming,

I noticed that the instruction ask for an hardware minimum version 3 and the module is a 2, could it be the problem.

Thanks !
No that is talking about the starter hardware you are at 7 so thats fine.


Was the large gauge white wire from the 6 pin connector hooked up?

Also was the ignition2 cut performed at the start/stop ecu?

thanks, I will double check for those wires. Also, another thing that is weird, the service number that i read in the unit with the flasher is 002B02 034639 but the one on the sticker is 002B07 034639.


Corect the one that reads 002b02 is the bypass side and the one that reads 002b07 is the starter side of the module.