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blank after keys programmed and car doesn't start after correct installation

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Mazda CX-5 2016 auto w/ push to start
Parts Used: Evo-ALL with THAR-Maz1 hardness
Guide Used: 62951
Wires hooked up:
Parking Lights- Yellow/Red, Yellow/Blue, Yellow/Green
Connector A into Connector C and Connector B plugged into Plug 1.
Data Door Lock- Lt. Blue to Green/Orange
Data Key- Lt Blue/Black to Black/White
Yellow- Nothing NO RF KIT USED
White and Black plugs on end of 4-wire Data plug- nothing (NO RF KIT USED)
(-) Lock, (-)Unlock, Start/Stop External- None hooked up, USING OEM KEYS TO START.No Hood Pin installed, Hood Pin Wire connected to Black Wire (PA-pin7-PB-pin11) in Fusebox


After completing step 12 on guide the yellow light turns off and nothing happens. The unit just goes blank. First thing I did was try to find a solution. Then I reflashed the unit with the firmware and tried it all over again. Nothing changed still all same results so I went over all the connections I made and all are firm and good connections. I don't don't get any flashing lights to indicate a fault either.


I have solved all issue, please read my replies. if I can help post or email me at I will try to assist you if you have the same car and unit as I do.

asked Jan 18, 2018 in Mazda by matthew irizarry (290 points)
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solved I had to actually hook up the lights and it worked fine to a point but won't remote start
answered Jan 18, 2018 by matthew irizarry (290 points)
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To hook up the lights switch is an option but for me it was mandatory,

1.The number 3 in the picture on the guide is actually the steering column.

2. locate the handle with the auto lights and turn signal. this unit comes out in a plug and play. I used a 1/4 inch 1mm thick knife to push down the top center release tab of the light switch module, be careful it is really cheap plastic. remove the module. (I cracked mine but didn't break it off.)

3 remove the semi-clear cover, route wires through the clear cover.

4. I purchased T-harness so all wires on the red plug are not needed, with a micro precision flat tip screwdriver I removed excess white wires from the d-plug.

5. make connections as shown in the guide. I used electrical tape to keep wires neat.
answered Jan 18, 2018 by matthew irizarry (290 points)
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Remote start problem

1.if you can watch the lights through the window and it does the 4-second red then 4-second yellow but the car does not start with no rapid flashes from 4-8, it is a programming problem. now that you made it this far you must complete all the steps for programming in order with decryption. Read the instructions and mentally prep this has to be done in a time sensitive manner.


Step 1. make sure you are pressing the programming button in before you are plugging the unit in.


Step 2. release the programming button when red blue is on.


Step 3. connect all connections (I know it says optional on some but for me I was stuck, and no help form all the post if you opt out on lights it will not tell you the fault when it is supposed to flash the jumper is a must. The hood pin is optional for safety reasons should be installed)


Step 4. Press the button 5 times, it will flash in 4 sets then off to a solid blue.


Step 5.  (Place one remote either behind you or as far as u can and still get it within 4 seconds) place the first remote on the push start button depress with the key with a 1-second interval 2 times. Count to 4 then depress again to turn off. (place this key you just programmed behind you or in back seat)


Step 6. (again, this must be done in less than 4 secs for the next key) Place the second key on the push start button and depress with the key with 1-second interval 2 times. Count 4 seconds depress again to turn off.


Step 7. It will turn on to an accessory state then turn off again with yellow and red lights flashing alternating. (safe to unplug at this point)


Step 8. You must decrypt your key info with the flash link updater (it will have you decrypt and update)


Step 9.(step 17)  plug everything into unit, then unplug everything from unit after 10 secs,


Step 10. Plug power in (4pin red/blue/blk/wht) while pressing the programming button allows to cycle through till the blue light is on. Then connect all other plugs.


Step 11. With any key press the start button with the key 2 times in a 1-second interval. What Fortin unit to start rapidly flashing the blue light. (1-3 seconds) press the start button again with the key to stop. Blue light turns off.


It’s done  

Remote start the car from three feet away with both keys on you. However, you chose to with 3 locks or lock unlock lock.
answered Jan 19, 2018 by matthew irizarry (290 points)