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2011 Grand Caravan won't stay started.

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I cut the yellow wire on the T-harness and splced the yellow-green wire to it. Unit appears to program prperly. When I try and start it runs for 2 to 3 seconds and then shuts down. It does then try and re-start. Also to clarify, does 2010 or less mean 2010 and newer models? The verbage is very confusing. Any ideas?
asked Dec 27, 2017 in Dodge by Larry McNamara (130 points)

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2010-2009-2008-2007 ... .etc...


issue is that all the A options is off in your unit. They are default ON and should be left on.
answered Dec 28, 2017 by Robb (237,740 points)
Do all the options have to be on even if you do not have them on your vehicle.  I do not have heated seats or power sliding doors.
Well, I shut off the options I do not have and it stil works fine.