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Radio display stay On

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I have a Toyota sequoia with an aftermarket kenwood + maestro rr and since i installed the evo one the radio display (not the audio) stays on and i can find a way to get it to shut down automatically. Any idea?
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asked Dec 17, 2017 in Toyota by User76 (200 points)
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I have the exact same problem; Toyota 4Runner with aftermarket Alpine + maestro idatalink. Radio stays on with sound (possibly due to aftermarket amplifier).

I have tried the dark blue wire (ground out) from driver door pin plus 32.3 on remote settings and still no luck.

Technical support couldn't help either because accessories are not supported.
answered Jan 10, 2018 by Nick B (150 points)
The Maestro controls the radio, you should contact the manufacturer of this unit.
When i have some free time i will try to wire the ACC connection from the maestro and stereo to a relay operated by the lighter that seems to turn on and off correctly. I will let you know if i have some luck there
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Looks like the grey and red cable from the odb2 connector (iso 9141-2 k line) stays electrified after the car key is removed so it can be cut it but you loose vehicle info or add a relay triggered by ACC to disconnect the grey red cable
answered Jan 28, 2018 by User76 (200 points)
By the way that cable is called IMMO and the evo one is keeping it electrified so no sure why is a maestro issue. I wonder if why the evo one need it always on

IMMO is data and is not being kept electrified.

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I am having this same issue,

2011 Tundra


Maestro RR iDataLink

When Maestro OBDII is plugged in, the radio stays on after the truck is shut off and key removed. Unplug the OBDII for the Maestro, and the radio shuts off. I've had the radio installed for about 6 months, and this is a new behavior after I installed the remote start. It is something with the autostart that is keeping the wires energized, not sure why.
answered Sep 4, 2019 by Matthew Gerard (180 points)

Contact maestro and mention the illumination stays on.


You will probably need to wire the Accessory during remote start as it is not. It is not powered during remote start since; 1- it is not needed to remote start, 2- may cause the car not to remote start.

I have contacted Maestro and see what they say. There is a resistor in the harness that can be removed to fix some other strange behaviors, so waiting to hear back before I do that fix.

Yes, that's the same as I saw earlier. I have yet to hear from them about if that will fix my issue as well.
Turns out I need to isolate the Grey/Red wire on the ODBII plug for the maestro with a relay. SHould have it fixed this weekend!
That's great news!