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How to reconnect programmed evo-all/I think I may have made it faulty?

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So I have evo-all with the t-harness for my 2014 mazda 3 push to start auto, and I updated the firmware and then went through the programming procedure and successfully completed it, but my car did not start with the 3x lock. I then realized my safety switch was in the wrong position (shorted to ground) so I switched it back and tried and still nothing. I then thought maybe this made the whole procedure invalid since that switch was in the wrong position, so I attempted to reprogram from the start. I basically got a bunch of leds on/flashing that aren't even mentioned so I figured this wasn't going to work and then I eventually found out that I had C1 and D1 disabled in the evo-all options. I enabled them and the flash link software says its still ready to use. I'm wondering how to reconnect it, as in what led to wait for when holding the programming button, or have I messed up my evo-all by trying to reprogram and what should I do now?


Service Number : 001a06738871
asked Dec 1, 2017 in Mazda by Trevor T (160 points)

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It doesnt sound like the second part programming never worked. After doing the dcrpytor, you need to repeat steps 1 to 12 but this time you should be getting a Blue and Red flash at the end. If you do not get red-blue flash at the end, it will not work properly and you should ideally not continue with the last part of programming.


My suggestion....
1. RESET the EVO:

2. plug to computer, click dcryptor and click on start over

3. go back to car and do the steps 1 to 12.

---3a. Ideally at the end it flashes red and blue. If it does, continue with last part of programming.

---3b. If you get a red flash, module is already programmed to car, continue with last part of programming.

---3c. If you get no lights at all flashing, start over, DO NOT continue to the third part of programming.
answered Dec 1, 2017 by Robb (184,800 points)
I followed what you said exactly, and once I went back and did steps 1-12, the red led was flashing, so I continued on. Once I did the last part of the programming, instead of the blue led flashing rapidly, the 3 leds flashed alternately for a little bit, then the blue led flashed rapidly, then the red and yellow leds flashed alternately. I then turned the ignition off, and the red and yellow led's continued to flash alternately. I attempted this twice and got the same result both times.
Mine is doing the same thing, did you figure this out?