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Mazda turn off as soon as door are open, even after unlock with remote

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I've got the Evo one installed on two simmilar car, a mazda 3 2014 and a mazda 3 2015. On the 2015, I have a problem, as soon as the door is open, the car turn off immediatly and we need to restart again once inside the vehicule.

As per the instruction we unlock with the remote before getting in but it still turn off, while the other (the 2014) works flawlessly.

I also have a problem while programming the module as the switch seems to induce bouncing in the circuit. I mean that when I have to click like 33 time the programming switch to get to the option #33, i have to listen to carefully to the relay in the module as, sometimes, when i press once, i hear the relay click twice, which means that it did register two pushing of the button. It's kind of more difficult to get to the option you want.

Thanks !
asked Nov 27, 2017 in Mazda by Eric Morissette (170 points)

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there are 2 different types of installs for these car (and completely different ways of programming the modules) that exist. One of the main differences is that on one solution key takeover is allowed while on the other solution key take over is not allowed.

Which products did you use on both vehicles? what are their service numbers?

When doing feature programming using the valet button, the unit double/triple clicks on every 5. So after hitting the valet 5-10-15-20-25-30 times, you're going to hear different clicks
answered Nov 27, 2017 by Robb (185,210 points)

on the one that turn off as soon as the door is open, the number is 002B07 034639

starter 7.1.16 evo-all 2.4.18

is it possible to change the program to be able to open the door once started remotely without having to start the car again.

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