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EVO-ONE + Scion iq w/o immobilizer

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I got an EVO-ONE with a T-harness but can't get it to program correctly. I just keep getting a red light. Tech support says maybe can't program because there's no immobilizer. Anyone know if I can still install this thing and how.
asked Oct 30, 2017 in Scion by Eddie Lee (130 points)

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Yes you can still instal it.


Simple test to find out if their is no immobilizer is wrap the head of the key in 5-6 layers of tin foil and see if you can still start the vehicle with the key.


If you can start it with the tin foil trick and their is no immobilizer its even more simple, let go on the blue led and tunr the key one blue should flash then turn the key off blue will go out and your done.
answered Oct 30, 2017 by Derek (262,880 points)
So I got the EVO-ONE to program correctly but it won't start on 3x lock. None of the led's light up on lock. When the key is turned on, the yellow light comes on and stays on during and after engine start. Any ideas?
What is the service number to the unit?
Ax-One Remote Starter & Alarm
Service #002B07-157939
This vehicle is not 3x lock compatible, you will need a seperate rfkit to remote start the vehicle.
Jeeze, Mathieu is correct we do not list 3x lock on this car. My mistake i apologize.
Got an RF-kit and it works fine...had to disconnect the auto-light because it wasn't shutting the lights off but simple fix...thanks guys