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Activating Remote Starter EVO one without Fortin remote

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Hi, Common Question.

I always installl Evo one not Evo All. This is a generic question, still if u want then it is 2014 Toyota Camry  G key. NOT push TO START.

1) Question is once is programmed bypass side and remote side and all are success. is there any way i can remote start the car without Fortin remote, meaning by passing ground to GWR wire like that sort.

Or the only way to activate remote starter is thru remote?.. I can understand without remote u cant put the starter to start, just for testing before configruing remote to the remote starter is there a way.


2) When i do master reset on remote starter side, is there any way i can retain programmed remote, rather than losing.

3) How do i master reset bypass side on bench and NOT in car. please advise.
asked Oct 14, 2017 in Toyota by sivaraj palanisamy (220 points)

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1) No there is no way to "wire start" an EVOONE.

2) No, master reset will erase all options and remote programed.

3) You can use flashlink updater, toggle to remote starter, press programming button and connect the evoone, antd then perform the master reset.
answered Oct 14, 2017 by Mathieu Bertrand Collin (49,520 points)
Hi, for point 3, to perform master reset, what speccial options to choose in remote start options. i belive we should use unit option, special configuraiton of something that sort.


Also i like to know the  master rest on bypass side on flash link.. plase advise.
With the Evo unplugged, please press and hold the programming button, plug in the main power or the datalink cable (depending on how it's connected) release the button when the red led lights up, then press and hold programming button until all 3 leds cycle, Master Reset done!


p.s. There is a way to trigger the Evo-one via an analog wire, but it is not recommended since there is a high chance of damaging the module if the wires were accidentally shorted out.