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EVO-ONE+T-Harn. & RF642W on '14 Toyota Corolla H-Key - Remote starts then shuts down only when cold?

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When the weather is warm out or the car has been driven, the system works perfectly.

However, in the morning when it is cold, the car will remote start then shut down. It sounds like it is over cranking. The lights will flash 4 times. What gives? Tach sensitivity?

I rechecked all the connections and everything works when it is warm out. The unit is flashed to the latest firmware.

Also, when the car is remote started, is the OEM remote's unlock/lock function supposed to work or not?

asked Sep 29, 2017 in Toyota by SG2018 (180 points)

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What is the service number to the module please.
answered Sep 29, 2017 by Derek (143,850 points)
Hi Derek,


Here are the specs:

Starter: 7.1.20

Evo-ALL: 2.4.18

Date: 03 / 2017

Service No: 002B07 169605
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I searched the threads and found this as a possible solution: "If you are still having cold related no-start issues, please connect the Purple/Yellow in the 20 pin connector to the Light Blue/Black in the same 20 pin connector."

This was on an Infiniti thread, can the same be applied to Toyota?

answered Sep 30, 2017 by SG2018 (180 points)
No, that was only for Nissan/Infiniti vehicles. Most cold start related issues can also be caused by intermittent connections, bad twist or cold solder connections.
Rico - thank you for the information. Aside from the T-harness that I purchased, all connections in the car were soldered. I have verified twice that all connections are properly soldered. Could this be a software issue with the unit?
The bypass software does not know the outside temperature.

When remote starting, what LED are on on the module ?