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Not starting in cold weather?

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Installed the EVO-NIST1 w/ THAR-NIS1 T-harness months ago, in a 2011 FX35.  Used the default setting when installing.  Worked great every morning for work, 3X locks -started every time.  Yesterday and today 3X and nothing...  Now we just had a serious snowstorm this week and temps were 27F yesterday and 30F today.  I swear there were times without snow that it was colder and it always started.  Now once I get to work and lock the car and try the Autostart again, it works fine.  It’s like it had to warm up before it works.  Any ideas?  Is there a cold setting I should have used?   

asked Mar 16, 2017 in Infiniti by eric milks (130 points)

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Never heard of this personally. Our modules are tested down to -40C = -40F.

The only way to know is if the blue led was flashing when you press lock when it did not work.
answered Mar 16, 2017 by derek ! (286,090 points)
intermittent operation that is temperature dependent could be cause by intermittent connections, were there any crimp-on, twist-on , t-taps type connections made in the vehicle? If yes, then please remove them and re-do all connections using the strip-poke-twist and tape method of connecting the wires.
thanks Derek, I dug the module back out from under the steering column and video taped it as my wife attemped the car (from outside the window).

The LED flashes where the following:

--LED lighting when not starting--

blue.. blue.. blue.. (3 presses of the key fob lock button)

red (1sec)…

five blinks of red (not quickly)…

red and yellow at the same time (1 sec)...

red (1sec)…

five blinks of red (not quickly)…

red and yellow at the same time (1 sec)...

red (1sec)…

three blinks of red (quickly)…



We tried later in the day after the temperature was over 40 degrees, it did start up.

I checked all connections.  Only connection that required a wire to wire interface was the Push Button connection.  I originally did the   poke-twist and tape method  so I know it's secure.

hhmmm 5 red flashes would mean the evo is seeing a hood open but also 3 red flashes means it saw no tach...which makes sense because the car never cranked/Started so 3 flashes makes sense....

Did you install a hood pin switch? is anything connected to the dark blue wire on the evo? Pin A8.

Try turning off option A11 in the module, Also if equipped with a factory hood pin switch verify proper operation....lastly and kinda obvious make sure the hood is closed when testing :)

Let me know how you make out.
Thanks again Derek,

No hood pin connection.  I chose default everything in module flash for the SUV.  Hood is closed, started up this morning close to 38 degrees no problem. Yesturday it was colder and did not (when we took video).

One thing to clarify... the 5 red flashes were not quick (like the 3 flashes at the end).  There was probably a sec (maybe) between them.  Looked like it repeated a cycle twice then (like you said) checked for tach and then shut off.

I think I am going to put the module and reflash it, maybe that will help something.  I don't believe there is an update but ill check when I do it.
If possible and when you have time shoot me the video just so I can see what the module is doing at the time of no start.

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That happens to me too When it's cold try to start the engine  but it does not
answered Mar 18, 2017 by Jorge Castro (150 points)

If you are still having cold related no-start issues, please connect the Purple/Yellow in the 20 pin connector to the Light Blue/Black in the same 20 pin connector.

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same problem, any solution?
answered 2 weeks ago by Temel Melal (150 points)