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LED does not flash during programing. 2005 Pontiac G6

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I am using the int-sl+ with compustar cs800s. All of the compustar functions work with the datalink connection through the int-sl+. When I hit the lock button on the cs800s remote, the LED on the int-sl+ flashes once, but when I turn the ignition key on it never flashes. I have the purple/white data BCM wire hooked to the keyless data wire at the bcm. I have updated the int-sl+ to version 3.06. I have checked for 12v on the pink ignition wire and have it. From the cs800s remote the doors lock/unlock, the trunk pops, and when you try to remote start the fuel pump, dash lights, blower motor all come on. Just no crank and start. To clarify programing the int-sl+, I push the program button and plug in the datalink connector, then release the button. The LED comes on when I connect the datalink. Then I connect the white connector. The LED stays on. Then I push lock on the cs800s remote. The car locks and the LED goes off. Then I turn the ignition key to on and nothing happens from there.
asked Dec 19, 2016 in Pontiac by Jeffrey Drije (170 points)

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Try not to press lock on the cs800 before turning ignition.

Also the led can take a good time before starting to flash, leave the key on for a good minute.
answered Dec 19, 2016 by Jeffrey Drije (85,110 points)