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Evo One it will work for 2014ScionXB? The car has no immobilizer system.

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I bought the Evo One and i'm having a problem to get it working. I followed guide# 23001, REV:20160601, wiring done and at programing step 5, when I turn the key towards the "on" position the red LED begins to blink and it does not stop. For I have purchased a used car, and it had come with two keys, with one having a Scion logo on the back and a Toyota logo on the other key. The Scion key does not have any stamp marks, and the Toyota key has a H stamp on it. The vehicle I bought was certified by Toyota. To test if my car has a immobilizer I had cut a new key (no chip) in the local hardware store. The new key started the car, while the original keys were in the house twenty feet away. And I googled that only the Canadian xB needed the bypass module. So the question is whether or not the unit will work for the car and how to wire and program it in said vehicle. The firm-ware was installed at the place that I have purchased the Evo One.

asked Dec 9, 2016 in Scion by Slawomir Milewski (170 points)

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Remove the immo data wire from the install.

Relased on just the blue led and turn the key to the on position.

Blue should flash at this point turn key off and test installation.
answered Dec 9, 2016 by Derek (262,880 points)
Derek thank you very vey very much it is working!
I did all this and still no luck. The module programs ok.