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CM800-S Options Programming using Remotes

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The CM800-S manual Page 18 gives information on programming with remotes.

The manual mentions Tapping a "KEY" button, on the 1 way 4 button remotes (which I have Model 700R).  The "KEY" button is in the same position as the * Star (Start) button on other remotes, am hoping this is correct.

There is no mention of how to "scroll through" the list of menu items under each of Option Menu 1, Option Menu 2 or Option Menu 3.

Therefore the question is: How does one scroll through  the Options with the Remote? When the Option Group is entered how does one advance, and how does one exit the programming mode?

Thanks in advance.
asked Nov 18, 2016 in Buick by Gerald Howse (470 points)
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Questions regarding your Compustar piece should be directed to Compustar/Firstech support.

Thank you.
answered Nov 18, 2016 by Derek (135,320 points)
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