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EVO-Ford Applications

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On the EVO-Ford, can it be used on other 40 bit cars with the same ignition plug and Can BUS, such as a 2006 Explorer, or 2006 Fusion, 2008 Escape?


I see it works on a 2008 Taurus. Just wondering if it will work on others that old.
asked Dec 21, 2013 in Ford by Mobile Edge (270 points)

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In the future it is possible that it will be compatible, but we have not tested these kits in these vehicles yet and are not sure if the Harness will fit and beable to supplly the necessary current to start the vehicle.

We also have not tested the CAN bus features on these vehicle so we cannot be sure it will program or even work.


We will be looking at these older platforms during the spring time.
answered Jan 4, 2014 by Alexandre Messier (2,580 points)