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2014 caravan, firmware 74.24

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Just a heads up,I was using a Evo-chrt4 with a compustar 7000 on a 2014 caravan with firmware 74.24 and something from the evo-all was latching the ignition output on the compustar:

Yellow wire from t-harness functions properly as ignition.

with only the evo and harness plugged in ignition funtions normally.

with only the compustar and harness plugged in everything functions normally

with the evo plugged in and only the main harness (not the 4 pin data cable) on the compustar plugged in everything functions normally, plug in the 4 pin data cable and as soon as ignition is turned on it latches and theres a single click coming from the compustar at regular intervals and would require disconnecting starter brain to stop it, tried a 7200 brain with the same results.

roll evo frimware back to 74.22 and everything functions perfectly
asked Feb 19, 2016 in Other by Adam Pepin (10,150 points)

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thanks for the feeback Adam!
answered Feb 22, 2016 by Derek (186,810 points)