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2015 Escape SE install not starting car

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Hi, I have followed the wiring diagram for the 2015 ford escape install but I cannot get the car to remote start with the 3x lock.  When I bought the Evo-all I was told that this would work but haven't had any luck.  During programming, after inserting the 2 keys, it states to hold the program button until the car starts.  The car never starts and the car reads "No Key Detected" on the dash display.  When I press the lock button on the remote the evo-all blue led lights up so it appears to be getting the signal.
asked Jan 11, 2016 in Ford by geoff elliott (140 points)

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Looking at the guide for your truck it states to hold programming button until dash illuminates then release it.

The car is not going to start when you do this as its not supposed to. if all the correct connections are made at this point the red will flash ten times then a pause and then eventually blue led will flash. Is this happening?

Also what connections did you make in the vehicle?

answered Jan 12, 2016 by Derek (146,700 points)
Yes the red flashes 10x followed by the blue.  I then push the lock button on the door.  After completing the steps.  The car does not start after pushing the lock button 3x on the factory remote.

I've got all required connections from the T-harness, can high & low, the door pin connections, and the  lock / unlock wires at the driver kick panel.  I've gone over these connections many times to verify they are correct per the schematic.  I did not wire in the parking lights.
So you also connected the and yellow black of the t-harness accordingly? accordingly as well?

what do the led's on the module do when remote starting is attempted?

Yes, the connections from the t-harness to the 20 pin connector are correct.  I can verify them with an ohm meter as well.

t harness          20 pin connector

lt blue  ----------  lt blue

lt blue/bl -------- lt blue/bl

yellow/bl -------- purple/yellow & yellow

The blue led flashes when I press the lock button on the factory remote and thats it.  It appears to be getting the signal but nothing else is happening.


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Was there any moment during the programming that you would have done a master reset? If so, you have disabled the OEM 3x lock start in the evo-all settings.

A quick way too know if the unit has the appropriate options enabled is to simple put the DARK BLUE wire fro mteh 20-pin connector to ground. If the RED LED on the EVO turns on when doing this, the unit is not setup for stand alone remote start.
answered Jan 12, 2016 by Robb (197,230 points)
I don't believe that I did but I will have to hook up and check that out.  If the setup is incorrect do I have any other options other than getting a flashlink to reprogram?
If you purchased the unit through an online seller such as amazon/ebay, you hsould contact them to see if they can re-enable the option or just purchase the Flash-link so you can do it yourself.


I have a feeling this is not your issue but its a worth a test.
I haven't had a chance to hook it up but will in the next couple of days.  You don't sound too convinced that this is the issue.  Is there anything else I should look at while i'm checking the reset or is there anything else that may be causing the issue?
the test that Robert stated before is a definitive test to know if the module is in "standalone mode"


ground blue wire =  red led ---evo not in standalone mode, needs option to be enabled

                               = no red led---- try to pulse yellow/black wire to ground, if in standalone, vehicle should start, if it starts, option C1 might be disabled.
Thanks for the help, I got it working.  I finally bit the bullet and ordered the flashlink2 unit.  It turns out that the company I got it from never setup the 3 locks.  After dealing with mypushcart's poor tech support telling me they set it up properly, I decided to buy it to confirm.  They messed up and caused a lot of headaches for me.  Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else comes across a similar issue.