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Start but no crank, 4 times parks light on Evo One

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Ok so I finally got my Evo One to respond and actually do something but the remote start is not working. I Have a 2015 Scion FRS with PTS on a manual trans and does the same after leaving it in Ready Mode. I have cut the yellow loop to make it think it's an auto for troubleshooting by the way and the clutch is by passed. I have put a multimeter and it looks like it send power from the starter wire but it very short and it appears to happen when the 2nd ign is turned on (white wire), basically clicks on and then off.

The park lights flash 4 times after it fails so based on the guide it indicates no tach signal but I have tried setting 20.2 and 20.5 and 20.1 if I rememeber right.

On a side not my service number is 002b03046373 but 002b02046373 shows my info, am I missing something?
asked Jan 4, 2016 in Scion by losmt2 (350 points)

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The bypass portion currently shows the DCryptor failed and is incomplete.

You can sometimes fix that incomplete bug by selecting a different vehicle. In this case, redo the programming and reflash the unit first with a Subaru BRZ selected and not the Scion FR-S. Don't forget to reset the bypass portion before doing this.

For the Tach settings, leave it on option 20.6.
answered Jan 6, 2016 by Robert T (273,930 points)
Thanks Robert I was hoping you would reply. I just reflashed it to the FRS. How do reset the bypass side of it before trying the BRZ?


this is what happening, I flashed it to a BRZ and re did the dycrptor and at first it indicated that the valet mode was on so I turned it off and it does the same thing as the video.
Thanks for video! Crazy how seeing a problem is so much easier to troubleshoot.


I need you to do this test:

Stick a meter on a the Starter wire and see if it gets a steady 12V on crank when remote starting or if it fluctuates. This test would be a lot easier with a testlight because you see the light flash on-off non stop or just stary on.


Also, did you try this by also physically pressing on the clutch? There may be an issue with the clutch bypass. The vehicle will not crank if the clutch connections are not done, or there a connection mistake on it.