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INT-SL+ and protection mode on DODGE Caravan 2007

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I have a question about programming INT-SL+ on DODGE Caravan 2007. Every connection made as per instruction, remote starter Crimestopper RS2-G3. As I started programming, the LED became solid, after turning ignition ON it started to flash very quickly and didn
asked Aug 4, 2015 in Dodge by Alexander S (130 points)

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If the unit is in protection mode (which it sounds like it is) you will technically need to follow the procedure to unlock it.


1- With the Flash Link Updater, flash the unit to firmware 0.00
2- Take off power temporarily, then replug the int-sl. DO NOT use the flash link updater to power the unit after unplugging it. Power and Ground only.
3- Flash the INT-SL+ to version 3.06 or higher...
4- Go back to vehicle and attempt to program again


Before going through with that though and since the 0.00 firmware was removed a few many years ago, try flashing the unit to firmware 0.55. This firmware is specifically for Chrysler vehicles that have trouble programming and it's what a lot people have been using since 2011.

answered Aug 4, 2015 by Robb (237,740 points)