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Just wanted to confirm the evo-all will work on the passlock or passkey of a 2005 pontiac pursuit.

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The info on the website makes it look like the evo-all does not bypass the passlock or passkey on a 2005 pontiac pursuit, instead it looks like the passlock sl2 is to be used. can you confirm that the evo-all will or will not bypass the passlock or passkey on this particular vehicle.

  Thank you in advance for your time
asked Dec 8, 2013 in Pontiac by maxcat (190 points)

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The Passlock-SL2 will always work for the bypass.

The EVO-ALL will work ior the bypass, but only if the vehicle is equipped with a PK3+ system(There would be a "+" engraved into the shaft of the key if this is the case.
answered Dec 9, 2013 by Alexandre Messier (2,580 points)
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