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Is Excalibur RS 260DP compatible with Key-override-all module?

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Hi, I just got  a Excalibur RS 260 DP and Key-Override-All bypass module to install on 2007 Scion tc but the RS 232 data connection wires between the remote starter and the module does not match, is it posibble to use or do I need to get a different bypass module? Thank you
asked Jan 29, 2015 in Scion by Rafael Guzman (390 points)
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You can still use the Key Override All with your remote starter.

You will just have to follow CONNECTION 4 in the guide, and CUT (and tape up) the blue and white wires on the datalink harness, just  connect the red  on the datalink to 12v constant power and the black wire on the datalink to ground.
answered Jan 29, 2015 by Jesus Monroy (60,960 points)
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Thank for the help, so the bypass and the remote start don't have to ne connected to each other?  ( only 12v and ground from that connector?) thank you.
You need to connect the (-)Ground-while-running to the remote starter. This is an input on the Key-Override-ALL that turn on the unit when remote starting.
Got it, Thank you guys very much for the support.
Back again, do you know why the bypass is not programming to my car? I fallow all the istructions on the booklet, push program connect the six pin connector followed by the four wire data connector, light will come on, then inserted the key in the ignition but the light does not flash ten times,  it will stay solid red, I tryed few times and it does the same (light stays on) checked all my connections and everything looks good, if I put the key in the ignition the remote will start the car. My set up is excalibur RS230 DP with Key Override All, using it on 2007 scion tc. Thank you

here's some things to try...

  • try revesing the order when plugging in the connector while the button is being pressed.
  • Use a different key.
  • remove the ground-while-running (dont forget to reconnect it later)
  • double check connections!
I would double check the connection to the key sense wire on the vehicle. The green wire on the Key Override ALL  should  become negative (ground) when the ignition key is inserted into the ignition switch .

And as Robert said, double check your connections, RX and TX.
  • After checking all my connections, found the key sence wire kind of loose and used different key to program it and it is working now. Thanks for the responses, this is a Great website to get some answers, keep it up! Thank you.