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06 VW Jetta bypass module

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I am installing a Polar Start PS-4661TW-FM RS in a 06 Jetta TDI.  I have not had any luck with idatalink reading the valet key.  I am looking at getting the EVO-ALL to use instead.  Am I able to use the TB-BOX with this setup?  Thanks.
asked Nov 28, 2013 in Volkswagen by Jeromey Schroeder (220 points)

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Yes Use Fortin TB-Box

You can use this as a guide:


1. Crack open your Valet key

2. Cut around the Chip-in-the-key

3. Put the chip in Fortin's TB-Box

4. Connect the TB-Box to a Evo-All and follow instruction at


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answered Nov 28, 2013 by Charles Beauchamp (8,870 points)
selected Nov 28, 2013 by Robb