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do i need to use "dcryptor"?

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Hi there.

I am installing EVO ALL to  my 2008 Grand Caravan,   i went with "Stand alone" option.

with my flashlink updater cable, I have updated frimware, I have chosen all the required options in fashlink manager....

Then, I saw "Dcryptor" in the manager. ?It sounds that this function is used to copy a key.

Aftter some research, i still could not find answers to my questions:

Q1,  for just remote starting my car,  do I HAVE TO run "dcryptor" process? without running it, am i able to  start the car by pressing 3X lock?

Q2, if I don't have to, then what is the use of running it ? only for clone a FOB?for just to make programming easier? or anything else?

Q3, if I have to, then do I have to connect the module to the Car first, then disconnec it from the car and then bring it back to my computer, do the dcryptoring?

Q4, what does running "dcryptor" make difference?

Q5, I was told that from the 20 pin connector, i ONLY need to connect the yellow wire to igition wire, NO OTHER?wires are needed to be connected(even the parking light), is that true?


Thansk you very much in advance.

asked Nov 21, 2014 in Dodge by daniel hu (240 points)

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No dcryptor necessary in a 2008 caravan. dcryptor is for other vehicles. Since you are in stand alone you need to connect brown/white to parking light wire with 1k resistor. Follow the guide carefully there is a slight modification to make in the t-harness for a 2008
answered Nov 21, 2014 by daniel hu (85,130 points)
selected Nov 21, 2014 by daniel hu

Thanks a lot for your response. it is clear and useful.

another question:

I do not have 1K resistor , so i want to skip connecting parking light for now.

my qustion is: if I do not connect the parking light wire, what will be the different? it is just a indicator of start?

if I want to connect it, then the following connection is correct?

brown/white wire from 20 pin connector----->1k resistor(i need to buy this resistor?)-----> parking light wire of my car, that is right?

By the way, i could find any guide mentioning "1K resistor", could you tell me where i can find it? or could you post some detail on connecting parking light wire?

Thanks again.