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Brake must be pressed when starting 2014 vw jetta

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Installing a remote starter in 2014 jetta. The brake must be pressed when starting the car. What would be the relay setup so remote starter activates brake wire but does not shut down the brake input wire to the rem starter.


asked Sep 6, 2014 in Volkswagen by Michael Reid (140 points)

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Hi Mike,

Take a look at the Audi A3 installation guide. Brake is controlled through one of the EVO internal relays. 

EVO-ALL & Audi A3 (2015) - Revision 20140602

answered Sep 8, 2014 by Robb (228,250 points)
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Is that a push button starter? If so I had a similar issue with a Nissan sentra, you should be able to find a wire that goes hot when pressed, you have to hookup a starter output wire to that line, so it sees the correct activation as when you start the vehicle. Hope that helps
answered Dec 15, 2014 by Raymond Kazmierczak (1,170 points)