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Is there a way to bypass 1998 Grand-Am with a single wire to Car Data Connector pin # 2 or Pin #9

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We are building a Snow plane with a 3.1 GM from a 98 Pontiac grand am.  I know the VATS send info to PCM via data wire pin # 9 on Car Data Connector. can I try a evo all to achieve same thing ?

We don t want to install cluster and key cylinder in machine thanks.
asked Apr 19, 2014 in Pontiac by Marc Voyer (910 points)
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The only bypass available would be the PasslockSL2-V2 which connects to the ignition barrel...

I don't know how much help this would be, but... the Passlock system is pretty straight forward. Technically all it is is a variation in voltage caused by an internal resistor in the actual key barrel. Replicate the voltage/resistance when wanting to start the engine.

Considering the Passlock has been araound for ages already, and unfortunately had many problems. The internet is filled with information on how to work around it.
answered Apr 22, 2014 by Robb (232,460 points)
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Thanks !!  I did try tu use a Evo All with 4.06 version on pin 2 purple wire, nothing did happen in attempt to program. The I resarted over but using pin #9 beige  data wire that goes to instrument cluster which is the compenent attached to the 3 wires from key sylinder.

It is simpoly because it is a custom machine and we are trying to simplify the engine swap to a minimum.
The passlock sl2 should do the job if your can program it before taking everything out of the vehicle. All you would need to do is activate the passlock sl2-v2 via the ground-when-running input whenever you would want to start your Snow Plane. Worth a try if you have one in stock, your call on that.

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