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CX5 horn does not go off when evo one alarm is tripped 2021 THAR-ONE-MAZ3

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2021 Mazda CX5 evo one, the horn does not go off when alarm is tripped I used the THAR-ONE-MAZ3.

I chose car has oem alarm

Use evo one Remote start and alarm

I also reflashed and tried the same with car did not have oem alarm

Once alarm is activate I see and hear the clicking on the dash, but the horn does not sound

asked 2 weeks ago in Mazda by Stack316 (240 points)

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The horn will not sound if you did not connect the horn wire to the vehicle.

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answered 1 week ago by derek g (323,350 points)
Thank you, I am having trouble seeing that in the thar-one/maz3 install guide, can u direct me to the location
On the evo-one it is the orange/black wire (-) on the 20 pin connector.

You would then locate, test and connect it to the vehicles factory horn wire as long as it too test as a (-).
So when I remove the evo one and reconnect to flash link and change to oem alarm, Fortin remote start only…the horn still does not alert when the alarm is triggered any thoughts on where I went wrong trying to go back to using the oem alarm? Ty
The horn will never honk until you connect the wire from the evo to the car as previously mentioned. You need option 14.2 on as well if you plan on using the evo-one as an alarm/remote starter.

If the wire is connected but the horn doesnt go off, i would test it to ensure you have the right wire and a solid connection.

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Hi I do not want to use the evo one as the alarm just the remote starter

I want to use the Mazda alarm but cannot get that to work with the evo one connected
Your oem alarm should work the same as it did before the installation, the evo does not influence the oem alarm in any way when the vehicle is off.