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Manual CX-5 Crank no start

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2014 Mazda CX5 ; manual push to start ; Evo-one w/MAZ THAR ; SN 002b04 638289

Cranks but doesn't start. All fob functions work, car runs normally, and it goes into ready mode and shuts down after exiting. Won't autostart after getting out of the vehicle - what am I missing? Valet mode off.

Using default settings with the plug&play harness.

Firmware 85.14

A1 through A-10 : ON

A11 OFF ; B1 OFF ; C1 ON


D3-D5 : OFF ; D6 ON

Firmware 1.26

2 through 15 : option 1 (default)

16.5 ; 18.1 ; 19.1 ; 20.8 ; 21.2 ; 24.1 ; 25 (off) ; 26.1 ; 29.1 ; 30.1 ; 31.1 ; 32.1 ; 33.2 ; 34.1 ; 35.1 36.3 ; 37.1 ; 38.1 ; 39.1

asked 2 weeks ago in Mazda by Kevin Hunt (130 points)

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Was the yellow loop cut?

I would try resetting the unit and re programming it to start.

In your case youll insert the main 6 pin connector in place of othe black data link conncector.


best regards.
answered 1 week ago by derek g (323,350 points)
Thanks Derek, I have done the reset and reprogramed the unit. I confirmed the yellow loop was NOT cut.

It also removed the paired remotes (expected?). Now it will not go into remote paring mode at all - I've tried with the valet switch and the Ignition on/off/on + 4x brake pedal sequence. It will not go into pairing mode; the LED doesn't flash rapidly after the 4 brake pedal pushes. Thoughts?
No a master reset of the bypass should not have removed the remotes.

Perhaps try entering and exitiving valet mode then re attempt to pair the remotes,

Vlaet mode:

- ign on

- press 3x on valet swtich

-ign off


You will get a solid red led on the side of the unit when the module is in valet mode. It will be off when it is not in valet mode.


Best regards.