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Bypass options list and Remote Start list

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I am looking for a list showing ALL the Bypass options and Remote Starter options for EVO-ONE.

Thank You !
asked Feb 8 in Honda by jenom (280 points)

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answered Feb 8 by Robert T (298,180 points)
I was looking for a Flashlink User Guide 4 , #68731......first link.

The descriptions of the options could be a bit better, also some options are missing....for example: Special functions E4 used by Mazda CX-30, CX-50
Special functions have no specific purpose. They will be used differently on a car per car basis when needed. You will find their brief description in the actual vehicle installation guide.


For the Mazda, E4 is used so that the outside keyless button on the door handle can be monitored properly. If it is not enabled, it will not be monitored.

For some Nissans, we use E5 to decide how you want the hazards to flash:
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Should be able to find that in Fortins vehicle finder input you system and scroll down to all the drop down/over compadable options
answered Feb 14 by Jeremy Park2 (560 points)