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EVO ALL GUIDE #105331 - Confusing Language

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Installing stand-alone on a 2020 Nissan Frontier PTS.  The Frontier has a factory hood switch for alarm functions.  The config / options section of the guide states to set A11 to OFF if no hood pin.  Does this imply to set A11 to ON in this circumstance?  And I assume the blue hood pin wire is moot in this situation, or does it require grounding as the full diagram illustrates?  A little confused on the intent.
asked 2 weeks ago in Nissan by Rick Whitfield (360 points)

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A11 to off when there is no factory hoodpin is to prevent false readings. If you are using an EVO ALL in standalone configuration, then you will need to install an aftermarket hood switch to prevent accidental remote starting while the hood is open.
answered 2 weeks ago by Jesus Monroy (63,790 points)