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2018 Ford f150, why no blue flashing light after programming

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2018 Ford f150 standard key without keyless entry, evo-on, T-harness FORT2, firmware 4.01, not getting the blue flashing light or red yellow alternating at step 8 of bypass programming procedure, getting the red flashing light 1 flash per second after the last step where ignition turns on and off by itself.
asked 2 weeks ago in Ford by Jamie Retchless (130 points)

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that is the wrong firmware to use with a FORT2, please always consult the first page of the installation guide, You should have  minimum  71.52 flashed into the module.
answered 2 weeks ago by Jesus Monroy (63,790 points)
I changed firmware to 71.52, same result.
Any other ideas? I have triple checked the wiring. I have tried an evo all and a evo one. Both with the 71.52 and also 71.56. Always getting red flashing light at the end of key programming.
Red flashing means it's not reading the immo.

Those are 2 master keys? They need to be master keys since the whole key1, key2 thing is to put the car into spare key programming mode.


Aside from that, you could try the old method of programming which invlived actually turning on the keys vs pressing the evo button and placing the key in front of the barrel .
Yes 2 master keys, tried the other method of inserting the keys, still nothing. Now I have also tried installing an evo one on a completely different F150 for another client and getting the same result. What other reason could be causing it to the read the Immo? What am I missing here.