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Audi a6c7 problems rmf411

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I need help realy!!!

I installed it evo-one + rm411, starting with the OEM key works.3 item close is car in run. I wanted to install rm411, the programming of the key fob is successful, but it does not react to open, no close, no run engine... how should it be???maybe you need settings??? I have 2 of them, here is one of them, the other is in the car, bought this year. on this block 002B04 650369 need to reset the decryptor because I didn't understand what was wrong and tried many others...please help me to do it right...and to work rmf411,   really needed

maybe somewhere in the settings you need to put a point that there is an additional remote control and not OEM
asked 3 weeks ago in Audi by Vitalii Vasylchuk (240 points)

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I have submitted your module for reset. It will be ready for use within 24 hours.

It sounds to me like the rf kit never programmed, I would suggest re trying the pairing process page2:

Make sure you are holding down the button on the remote until the blue led on the remote comes back on solid, that is when you let go of of the button.


Best regards.
answered 3 weeks ago by derek g (323,350 points)