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Mazda CX-3 2020 MS3G app issue

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Hello. When I open the MS3G on my iPhone, a message saying "Error - The request returned an invalid code" appears. After I press on the "OK" button and try to start my car, it won't start at all. It is doing the same thing on my mom's app as well.
asked 3 weeks ago in Mazda by Delaïla Keating (200 points)
edited 3 weeks ago by Delaïla Keating

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Same issue since yesterday. I hope it’s an issue with their network and it’s fixed quickly. Can anyone confirm?
answered 3 weeks ago by Adam Jacobs (170 points)
Same! It worked perfectly on Saturday
Yes there is currently an issue with the app. The appropriate departments have been advised. There is nothing for you to do on your end. Thank you for your patience while the issue is addressed.
Thank you!! :)