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Reason why turned off after remote start

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After installing the Lock x3 remote starter and I checked work well. also I flashed the engine to turn off after 15 minutes. But there are situations where the engine turns off when I open the driver's door after starting the remote start. Even though it hasn't been 15 minutes.

It's happens sometimes. What's the problem?

asked 3 weeks ago in Audi by JW (160 points)

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What is the vehicle?

What is the S/n number to the module?

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answered 3 weeks ago by derek g (323,350 points)

2019 Audi A4

EVO-All S/N 001A07 499073
The engine will shut down if unlock is not pressed on the remote. So if the doors were already unlock and you remote started it and opened the door, it would shut down.