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How to reprogram Fortin RF 411 to new EVO-ALL

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I started having an issue 2 year after installing the evo-all unit where it would not respond using the oem remote or the Fortin 411 remote. The unit work perfectly for 2 years before this and what i noticed is that i could remove the fuse in the T-Harness and put it back in and the unit would work fine for a few days and then would stop responding again. I had a spare EVO-ALL unit laying around, so i flashed it to the vehicle, programmed it to the vehicle and then tried reprograming the previously installed Fortin 411 RF KIT to the new EVO-ALL unit and i can get the module into program mode and the light on the antenna will flash rapidly but the remotes will not re-pair to the antenna. The light on the remotes flash as normal, the lights on the antenna continue to flash and the lights on the module continue to flash waiting for the remotes to be paired. Is there any way around this or am i stuck having to get new remotes and/or RF kit?

Vehicle: 2014 Chrysler 200

Fortin EVO-All SN: 001A07 471052

Fortin 411 RF KIT

Using T-Harness
asked 3 weeks ago in RF-Kits by Antwaine Salters (240 points)

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Make sure you are holding down the rmote button until the blue led comes back on, that is when you release the button.

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answered 3 weeks ago by derek g (323,350 points)
I'm pretty sure that's what I tried but will give it another go when I get a break from work. Thx for the response.
IDK how but the remotes work on their own now without me reprogramming them. Thx for the assistance, Derek. We can consider this matter resolved.
Thats a new one!

Glad to hear its working though.

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