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Possible to install an EVO-ALL module for transponder bypass, with no remote start unit?

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A more complete version of my question is;  I am looking to purchase a Fortin EVO-ALL unit to install in my car and I have no need or want for remote starting functionality;  I ONLY need the key transponder bypass functionality.  Is it possible to install the Fortin EVO-ALL unit alone, with no remote starter unit connected, to simply store and emulate the transponder key?

Background:  a couple years ago, I built a tube-frame kit car using a Chevy with PK3+ donor car, and I would like to add a push-button starter to the car now.  One of my requirements for this project is that the factory ignition switch is to be removed.  I have a custom PCB in my possession that handles the ignition switch side, but now I need to handle emulation of the key transponder/immobilizer bypass side.  I understand that there's plenty of other products available to do this, but I need one that will not rely on a resistance loop around the transponder ring, since the factory ignition will be removed.

Thanks in advance!
asked Jan 27 in FAQ by Ark :D (130 points)

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The evo-all sole purpose is for remote start.

It is not designed to replace a key or transponder system.

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answered 3 weeks ago by derek g (323,350 points)