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2022 Toyota 4runner - pushbutton start, wired with tharness, wont start with 3x lock?

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Using guide# 107711.  Evo-all with Toy6 tharness.  Everything wired per the guide, used the tharness plug "B" at the bcm, spliced 12v+ and ground at the obd port, and cut the pink telematics wire on the back of the bcm, and connected the cut ends to the two wires on the red 6 pin connector per the instructions.  Everything the guide say to do is done.  The lights lit up per the programming procedure and went out at the end.  Got out and shut the door to try 3x lock and the parking lights and locks cycle like they should, but the dash lights dont come on and no remote start?  Ive installed a few fortin evos in the past, and theyve always worked fine from here, just not sure what Im missing.  the 4runner starts up like normal when I get in and push the brake, but its like the fortin isnt even there.  Just not sure what to try next.
asked Jan 27 in Toyota by TMuscatell (130 points)

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When you press lock on the oem remote, does the blue led blink on the evo?

What is the S/n to the module?

Thank you
answered 3 weeks ago by derek g (323,350 points)