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New registration of a RF-442 kit on an installed EVO-ONE with THAR-TOY8 kit

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I have followed the intruction to the letter, but the problem i run into is that to set the remote programming mode, you have to press the antenna button 5 times, hit the brake, then use a programmed remote to click the lock button (mode 1)... but I don't have a programmed remote, because it's a new install.  How am I supposed to use a programmed remote to enter remote program mode when I have brand new remotes that need programmed?

I have the EVO-ONE programmed to use the antenna remote, and it is also flashed to use the OEM remote, which is working perfectly.  I just want the extended range because the OEM range is NO bueno BAD.

Vehicle is 2018 Toyota Corolla LE with H-key
asked Jan 25 in Toyota by Darrell Bunger (160 points)
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Ensure the antenna is plugged into the small blue connector on the Evo-One module.

To pair a remote to the system please do as follows:

1- unlock the vehicle with the oem remote

2- turn ignition to the on position

3- within the first few seconds press and hold the programming button on the antenna until the led on the antenna begins to flash

4- press the programming button on the antenna 5x

5- press and release the brake pedal once

6- at this point the antenna should be flashing rapidly, press the + button followed by the lock button, one after the other, simply tap them each 1 time do not hold them

7- once both remotes are programmed turn ignition off and test

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answered Jan 26 by derek g (323,350 points)

Ahh the + is the secret sauce  laugh  I will give this a try in a little while and report back... Thank You very much!

FYI -- for those in need:  THIS WORKED 100%

Tips for following the process:

  • be patient with moving from step to step, not too fast (the only time speed matters is how fast you get to holding the antenna button after turning on the car)
  • count the first button press as the first press, even though your car may or may not do the flashy lights thing
  • the advice in step 6 is solid: DO NOT HOLD THE BUTTONS, normal 1/2 sec at most button presses, fine.