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2023 tundra install

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i already have an evo one all from my old car and have a few questions

1) will the THAR-ONE-TOY16 work  on my 2023 tundra since is the same as the 2022 and the start x remote start which is just an evo one works on both?  

2 where do the diodes go i dont see them on the diagram

3) what is the THAR-TY120 is that an additional harness or is it built into the main harness cant seem to be able to google an answer

i realy want the remote start to be able to control the doors on the cellular app and start x says there's cant even though its just a rebranded evo one and comes with a fortin programer

also  its cheaper to get the harness than get the whole start x kit since i already own a evo one and a cellular module
asked Jan 23 in Toyota by Michael Watkins2 (160 points)

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1- Yes the evo-one & toy16 works for the 2023 tundra push button start, the vehicle is unchaged 2022-24.

2- When using the t-harness diodes are not needed. That is a guide typo I will send to our graphics department for correction. Thank you for pointing that out.

3- Thats just a part number used in production/graphics.

You can add evo-start-lte to the system for control via smart phone.

Please note, as stated in the installation guide you need an evo one manufactured after 2019 with a qr code on it in order to be able to access the apropriate fw for this vehicle.

Best regards.
answered Jan 23 by derek g (323,350 points)
thank you and yes it is the newer evo one i purchased 2 yrs ago last year for a leased car that was returned

one last question the LT.BLUE/BLACK wire shows it runs to the wire but not connected im assuming there is an error in the graphics  and both wires are spliced into the factory wire??
That is not an error, you are cutting the vehicles factory wire in half and splicing it as shown on each end.
I under stand that i was refering to the small space in the line to the left of the cut
Ya thats just perhaps the pdf not loading the image properly, I will ask the graphics team to look at that as well.