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detailed explanation of Bypass config. pins please

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I see several pins on the 20 pin secondary connector tagged as "Bypass config." in additon to the normal didicated purpose remote start pins.

some are marked marked "in" or "out", but most are tagged with a "~"

what does ~ mean?

what are these pins used for and/or can they be used/reporposed through the UI?
asked May 25, 2023 in FAQ by David Strain (160 points)

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The majority of the outputs on the evo-all/evo-one cannot be re programmed.

When you see "~" this can indicate, data or possibly a timed output based on fw flashed into the evo based on year, make and model of the vehicle using the flash link updater.

The only dedicated user programmable output would be either the yellow/black on the 20 pin connector of the evo-one. Possibly the large white wire on the main 6 pin connector of the evo-one depending on application, can be programmed for such things such as trunk release.

The main purpose of the evo-one/evo-all is immo bypass/remote start and alarm.

Your project does sound cool, but I am not sure if the evo has the i/o/custom can intergration you are looking for out of the box.

Best regards
answered May 25, 2023 by derek g (330,430 points)