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Evo one not sensing impact sensor

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I have evo one 22 civic with alarm enabled everything is working correctly including door and hood and trunk does set off the evo alarm properly oem key and with evo start lte with siren 

except impact sensor alarm is enabled reflashed decrypted a few times

impact sensor has power it flashes properly when it detects shock even tried directly quickly tapping the blue wire on impact sensor plug directly to ground nothing happens I'm pretty sure

evo One is faulty ?

sn is 002B07275028

asked May 9, 2023 in Honda by Paul7819 (240 points)

2 Answers

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If you arm the system, wait 25 seconds, then ground the middle pin of the 3 pin shock sensor port what does the evo do? what does the vehicle do?
answered May 9, 2023 by derek g (327,300 points)
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I tried that even with up to 5 minutes of waiting inside the car everything works perfect if I open doors, truck hood, everything triggers  except nothing happens with impact sensor middle input directly to ground
answered May 9, 2023 by Paul7819 (240 points)
Maybe try resetting the starter then re enabling the options for the alarm feature and re testing?

Page 2 of the guide.

Well that's the other problem I forgot to mention the sequence of resetting as follows below  nothing happens I don't get the red led under the yellow loop  to flash at all 


  1. turn ignition on
  2. press and hold valet switch until parking lights turn on (or red led under the vellow loop begins to flash)
  3. press and release the valet switch 23 times
  4. press and release the brake pedal once
  5. press and hold valet switch for 5 seconds. Pakring lights will flash to confirm.
  6. turn the ignition off (park lights will flash 4 times to confirm exiting programming).
press unlock on the oem remote before trying the reset