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Can Not Lock\Unlock in App

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Got almost everything working.  Remote start via OEM fob and remote start via My Car app.  In the my car app I can not lock or unlock. I have tried the pairing process several time but I'm not sure the MyCar is paired.  I press ingition on off on then the brake 4 times.


2018 Mazda 6 with harness.

S/N 002B04310327

asked May 7, 2023 in Mazda by Alton Marschall (180 points)

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When you send lock or unlock from the App, what do the led's on the evo one do?


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answered May 8, 2023 by derek g (330,430 points)
I hear the box click and the blue light flashes. I can take a video if needed.
Does the app confirm that lock or unlock has been succesfully sent? Also the app is set to the Fortin protocol?

Yes the app confirms lock and unlock.  Yes protcol is set to Fortin.


Also here is a video of me pressing lock\unlock.




Try re programming the mycar except after you do on off on followed by 4x on brake pedal, send lock from the app and let me know if the red led underneath the yellow loop blinks once when you send the command.


If it still displays the same behaviour, try rolling the firmware on the remote starter side back a version or two. go from 1.26 to 1.24.
I downgraded to a few versions and back up with no change (repeating the sync at each version).  Below is a video of how unit behaves when syncing the MyCar.
its definetly programming to the evo one based on the video.

The evo is also receiving a command from the my car, whether its the right one or not that I could not say.

Only thing left would be to re program the bypass to the vehicle including dcryptor. If it still didnt work at that point I'd suggest perhaps contact mycar to see if there is a ota update for your unit.

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Can you reset the flash limit for S/N 002B04310327  before I reflash?  I feel liek I may be close to my limit.

Sure, it has been reset.