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Doors unlock immediately after locking.

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2010 Subaru Impreza, Compustar CM7000 alarm and remote start, EVO-ALL in data mode. Each time I use the Compustar remotes the vehicle locks/arms then immediately unlocks the doors leaving alarm on.  Tried different CM7000 and EVO-All.  Both of the Compustar remotes acting same way.  The vehicle locks and unlocks doors,flashes lights and beeps OE beeper multiple times with each press. Ser#001a07-250179. Guide #57421
asked Apr 25, 2023 in Subaru by Brian Sahid (420 points)
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If you manually pulse the purple wire on the 20 pin connector of the evo-all with a momentary ground do the doors lock and stay locked?


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answered Apr 26, 2023 by derek g (330,430 points)
After manually pulsing purple wire door still pops open.  Also when pulsing the purple/white unlock wire the vehicle unlocks multiple times.
Almost sounds like the car thinks the key is in the ignition.


What happens if you change the data link protocol on both the evo/cm unit? Does it react differently when doing lock/unlock?
So, turned off unlock before/lock after start on EVOALL, turned that feature on on the Compustar and lock works good now. Unlock however is still unlocking 2-3 times with each press.
Are you able to try another protocol in each module to see how that affect the module(s)? Set the evo all to ap ofa and set the cm to idata and re test perhaps.
Thanks for your help here Derek.  Tried a bunch of variations on the protocols.  Hardwired the set up last night and still two unlock commands being sent.  Turned off unlock control on the EVO ALL but then I had no unlock at all.
When you went wire to wire between the 2 units did you ensure to cut the blue and the white wires out of the data link?


You could always hardwire door locks, while not the ideal solution at least it would get you going. If you do that and the vehicle has an oem alarm you would need to set your cm unit to pulse ignition & keysense with unlock.
Thanks again Derek. Think I will end up doing the last suggestion.  This way it eliminates other issues that may arise.