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evo one with FORTIN EVO-ONE-912

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FORTIN EVO-ONE-912 with no blinking LED after follwing all inestruction igntion on off on 4x brake padel the blue led wont come on or flash.the red led under the loop in the evo one flashes but the ANT900 not responding at all.

- when i plug the wire in the ant 900 led will blink ones and thats it and when i try to update the RFkit by flash link updater it wont dedect it . i am suspecting ANT900 anttina defected.Any help ? thanks

asked Apr 19, 2023 in Hyundai by salem alnuaimi (260 points)

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Hello, please try the following

  1. Reflash 1.26 into the remote starter
  2. Reflash 1.05 into the antenna
answered Apr 19, 2023 by Robert T (298,130 points)
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can you help me with update steps for the anttena and remote start 

i cant connect the anttena with flash link  its not dedecting. or i am doing some thing wrong. Thanks rob

answered Apr 21, 2023 by salem alnuaimi (260 points)